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Dr Lance Coetzee - Urologist & Robotic Surgeon

Who is Dr Lance Coetzee

Dr Coetzee is a highly experienced and knowledgeable urologist who specialises in robotic surgery through his private practice at The Urology Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. He has successfully performed over 1000 robotic surgery procedures including 15 robotic partial nephrectomies at this hospital, drawing on a wide range of surgical skills built up over 30 years of working in the field of urology.

Dr Coetzee is considered a leading expert both locally and internationally for his treatment of and research on prostate cancer. He is one of a few South African proctor surgeons to be registered with Da Vinci Surgical in the United States to train urologists in robotic surgery in this country.

More than just a doctor

When he is not practising at The Urology Hospital, Dr Coetzee also works as a Senior Consultant Urologist at the Department of Urology at the University of Pretoria where he is involved in the training of postgraduate students focusing on uro-oncology (the research and treatment of cancers and congenital abnormalities of the urinary systems of males, females and children) and reconstructive oncology (the reconstruction of the urinary tract, especially after cancer surgery, for example, in cases where a patient’s bladder is removed).

A passion for improving the lives of patients living with urologic cancer

His passion to improve the lives of patients living with urologic cancer especially kidney, prostate, bladder and testicular cancer has underpinned his training and informed his academic research as well, with research articles focusing on topics such as the treatment and management of bladder cancer; the prevention, early detection and treatment of prostate cancer; and urological surgery. These articles have been published in various prestigious nation and international journals.

As one of South Africa’s top urologists, he has also made it his mission to further improve his offering to patients by extending his experience and knowledge beyond the borders of this country. To this end, he spent more than two years as a fellow in uro-oncology at the Duke University Medical Centre in Durham in the United States and obtained a license to practice medicine in North Carolina. He is also registered as a medical practitioner and specialist urologist in the United Kingdom.

When he is not in theatre, Coetzee shares his expertise with a range of medical organisations and bodies. He is the chairperson of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and a member of the SA Medical Association, the SA Urological Society, the Pan-African Urological Surgeons Association, the European Urological Association and a corresponding member of the American Urological Association.

Coetzee has received various awards and prizes for his contribution to the urological field, amongst them, the Danie Joubert Research Award (1997), the Karl Storz Prize for a young urologist who has made a significant contribution to urology in South Africa, the Pretoria Rotary Club’s Hatfield Vocational Award (1998) and an Alumni Award from the University of Pretoria for outstanding achievement in the field of prostate cancer research.

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“Urology is one of the most dynamic and fast changing fields in medicine today. For example, the development of robotic surgery, one of the most exciting advances in minimally invasive surgery, is being led by urologists. Robotic surgery which is mainly used in urologic cancer and reconstructive surgery, has significantly improved the quality of life and outcomes of patients with these afflictions due to its accuracy and minimally invasive nature in the right hands. Given all the new developments in this rapidly growing field, I remain, after 25 years in practice, as excited and committed to this field as when I first started off, if not more so.”

– Dr Lance Coetzee